Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I can talk about your love,
how it makes the world go round
I can talk about your life without conveying a single sound
just look at me you'll see the message within and it isn't hard to decipher
you can see it all here, my friend
you see, you are life
I am life too
we are both one
you compliment me and I compliment you
I'd like to think I was complete before you came along
for I have found myself right within, before the breakdown of the storm
do you know what that's like to have conquered a love so strong
I know what that's like for I've been through it all
I am me
imperfectly sweet
a beauty with flaws
God's creation; finger tips and all
I am black and white
grey and blue
blue green woman
you hear
I am your color too
if you look inside
and try to redefine, you'll find a sensitive core
so supple yet strong
and so as I say to thee don't judge me
I love my men how I love um
My wine like I love it and the art of it all
you see I love to perform
and if you think I'm performing now, why don't cha take a look at me now
the elements of sk6ers, xtina's, the britney's and aristotles of the world
I've got style I've got flare and, no I ain't the NANNY
Oh don't you dare
Just an Actress with a couple writing scores
You wanna complete me, go ahead and try
My favorite ice cream is cookie dough; it's got vanilla in it
so don't ask why
don't even try
I love me for me and this is who I'll be
An Actress, A Poet, The Next First Lady, SEX Symbol and you know it
Maybe even a Little Maya Angelou
Oh don't cha know; I'm LOVING the Marilyn's and Dorothy's too
out of control
talk show host, I don't know
I think I've caught my niche
but I love you babe
and if you wanna try
you wanna try me?
come and drive me CRAZY
how's about that for them APPLES...
This is life
And if God is Love and Love is God
he's right with me in the darkest night's of them all in Noah's Ark
Even when you hate me the most
come love me
because this is life and life is love

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