Friday, February 4, 2011

can't change but accept...

Can't change the way life is
Can't change the way you are
Can't change the way I am
I got to cope with the fact that you are here,
But not really here,
for me
I'm your flesh and blood
but I'm not
I came from you
But then I didn't
You were always here for me
You weren't
He was here and I was safe
he left and harm came to surface
what happened in the past no longer remains present but, it is there
You accept me but then you don't
everything's changing for me in life,
I am still me, the one that you don't see
the silent fiesty, classic, sophisticated type that came from you
but what is true,
I do love you forever and I always will even when I feel like you don't love me too
I grew up, into a women and even though I was hurt, I have survived,
I became Vivian; the voice inside my head,
someone, who you don't know
but then again, you never really knew it
You never really knew me
And I have all this love to give, it didn't have to be taught
It was from within but I wish you knew
I wish knew you,
Because if I was a parent to myself as a child I'd shield that little ray of light from the storm
wherever I go you go
I am my happy home just as you are my happy home....