Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Letter to the Heavens

Nothing is as surreal as what I feel for you
Nothing is as sacred as our connection
We are the two
The two interwined on a path to ride
I wanna give it to you
All of it
Unto to you
You make me happy
You make me smile
You have got me thinking about being with child
Marriage and climbing up the ladder
Doing miraculous things
With you in my life,
I know I don't require a man to make it rain
You are the man and with the man I can stand
You are my God and I am your child
Within the heavens and throughout the light you cast your love upon me for this sex kitten to take flight
You have always known that I was a sexual creature, considering what happened
You have taken mercy upon my soul
You said it'd been always imperative that I am tight
And when the time was right, you'd send me the right man
The right type
Black, White or Jew, it's always right when it comes through you heavenly father
You have always been with, even when I hurt at 11-13 years,
you were the rod and I was the spear
You were always there along with the voice inside my head,
you gave me more family and a stepfamily that loves me more than I could bear,
And when they came back we were back on the right track.
YOU LOVED me, just LIKE I LOVED and still do love you
You made love to your child and through this child you have opened the minds of the world,
In the midst of all this destrcution, you have seen it coming
You knew
You knew
You knew
When I would be ready,
for love, a family, children of my own along with that self-destructive blackberry,
So before I make love to any soul or to a party, I give unto you my love,
Because without you GOD, I would not be:
Happy, Sexual, Humble, Expressive and Loving in all forms of the nature,
We fall down but we get up and unto you this lesson is everything but unjust,
I LOVE you and am HAPPY that you love,
So whatever I call myself, I know what is to be
And whenever the time is right, You will send the right soul,
The right one and we will take flight
I'm ready....and will not have asked for anything more...
So while the clouds are raining I'l be waiting,
Smiling and partying the night through the rain until you say,
"My Child, It is Time..."

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