Thursday, March 31, 2011

They say in life, everything happens for a reason.
I believe this is why I wasn't able to receive another day to sleep in and had to adhere to errands past due. This was a grand start minus the fact that I won't be able to see my soul sister tomorrow, Ms. Emily Ann Fortunato, because I have to work an event all day during the weekend except for Sunday. I LOVE working and also the fact that I'll be working with children. I love kids and one day I will have that house, career, 3 children with the white picket fence I've always wanted as a little girl! What an amazing feeling it'll be, it'll be all mine including the man. I LOVE that whole-heartedly!

Speaking of men, it reminds of the 2 men from my past who are seemingly try to lure themselves back into my life. The only thing that I strive to do in terms of those characters, is ignore them, and if they are still prying their way into my life....

My best friend, Abby, says "A restraining order" is the way to go!!! I LOVE Abby and I always say this, but thank God for her because what would I do without having this woman to put me in check?! Also, the very fact that we both are chatter-boxes.
For instance, the time she told me that I adored a certain someone this past year because almost every conversation was about him, and I'd say "No, Abby!!! I don't know what you are talking about!!!?" She'd go on to say "You can lie to everyone else but I am your best friend and I know how you feel about that man!!" LOL I LOVE that girl: she's knows my soul too well. There's not many people in the Universe you can call up at 2:00am in the morning to chat about Mr. Big "BF", or the fact that Gerard contacted me today to hang via text messages but, only because he wants my cookies from the cookie jar. I ignored him though, he's not the one I desire. He can't have any of my cookies, they are on lock-down. He just equates that freaking "NO" with a "YES" and, so does Mr. S who called today, leaving a voicemail message because he doesn't know what's going on in my life, the fact that he hasn't been dating me for 2 years and, he isn't ever allowed to date me again. Besides it's hard to be friends with someone who's nice but psychotic. I deserve the very best so Mr. S and Gerard have to kick rocks, I'm no ones piece of meat (I'm my own piece of meat lol). Mr. S and I never really had a sex life but this is irrelevant. I'm content with that, it was a learning experience and I think I've been through enough douche-bags to know the "real thing" when I see it.

Otherwise, today has been an amazing journey.
"I can't give into what I don't want but, can give into what I do want."
With everyday there's always going to be a new experience, a new thing, a memory from the past coming to life including someone from the past trying to become part of your life, when they have no regard for you or your feelings, they'll be an ex-alcoholic guy you've dated wanting to open your cookie jar, or one who's obssessed with you. Sometimes, I think all the time, it's best to do what is within your heart and soul rather then succumb to the want of others. That's love and respect for you and, the others. It's never good to manipulate one another. I know what I want and will have it!!!! You'll see. I'm a winner!!

I LOVE You Thoughts....

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