Sunday, March 13, 2011

"The Times Are Interesting"

We're in times of danger, interesting yet near the end. There's war between nations and Tsunami's in Japan. The people can't ponder it all thoroughly because they have the government as their right hand comrade. We believe what we see and we are the fool at large. It's true that we are conditioned to be believe what we see; what the government may tell us. But, this is only the carelessness of a fool. For, if one takes the time to research and cut down the bottom of the apple to its core, we'd know the truth. The signs that are given is only a testament of what's to come. This world is bigger than you and I, we should always lend a helping hand, love our neighbor and be kind to our enemy. We must let go of the pride that consumes our soul, it gets us no where. In the end, it true what was said "from ashes to ashes, dust to dust." It will not become any simpler than this. To love, cherish and seek help but, not be above the great one. Loving is beautiful. A gift that should be honored.

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