Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ky & Court aka Vivian & Noelle: taking light of the world we live in, personal lives, the town and common sense...

The day has turned out to be wonderfully, adventurous. I had a beautiful time with my darling off and on Best of a Friend, Courtney Noelle Dawson. Now, Courtney has never given me any reason to doubt our friendship, it's just that we almost always see one another 3 seasons out of the year, when the weather is lovely, nice and perky. I say "perky" because I am always perky even when I'm mad, at times. But, it doesn't change the very fact that we only connect during seasons- Spring, Summer, and Fall. The only season we really don't get together for is Winter. "It's like we are in hibernation, which I have mentioned to Court (her nick name) as we have strolled down 5th avenue." She immediately giggled saying "Ky, don't say that!!!" And I went on to explain that I see her more than I ever see my "Soul Sister," and I know people get busy with their lives and that speaks volumes. Time with the people you love is always precious. She said I know and we agreed on something besides, going to Starbucks so I could get my Iced Non-Fat Coffee and her Vanilla Bean Frappucino, the Sushi- compliments of Court, and using the rest room at McDonald's. Our moods grew happily before then..

I felt so bad, for when she had first bumped into me via our meet up spot at Bryant Park because I was texting, and she comes up to me and says, "You looking for somebody!!" And we instantly hugged and it was talk of "I've missed you here and there...," with smiles and cheer because Court and Ky were Back In Action!!!!!! We were ready. Well, I was ready for Coffee and Court was ready for a potty break: therefore the decisions made appeased both our little noggins, and we started what we do best from there: catching up on the Brian's, Shadow's and Men, period, of our lives, family, loved ones, our morals, our desires, careers in entertainment and getting the "HELL" out of New York City, in the end of it all. We've had enough but, as we've concluded

"there will be douche bags everywhere you go," "good men are hard to come by," "you can't turn a little boy into a man, how you get a man is how you will keep him," and "some people in New York City don't wash their hands after using the restroom!"

This was a got damn shame but it is what it was and still is, we just haven't met our match. Though, we aren't looking, the forces of nature attracts us to whatever it sees fit. The way I see fit, I am happy I am not "fucking" anyone in particular, to be quite frank. "This isn't mating season and we aren't monkeys or mammals.." I am saving my soul, my treasures for the one, who's in it to win it. "Life's too crazy to waste your time on the little ones, when you could have the love of your life, or essentially a great tall lover who connects within your soul so you two become one and, whole." It's not a game when you are a woman dedicated to your craft and I believe this is what Courtney and I are mastering. Everything has its breaking point and this right here is ours.

We want so much more and as the two of us gals, sat in Bryant Park, eating our sushi and chattering away, it made us smile. We were linked up as last like "Bears coming out of hibernation!" All of the silly stuff said about men, modeling, acting, moving, exploring: the fact that I want to leave the city to move to Chicago, San Francisco or Atlanta because I'm a happy, energetic person. In addition to Courtney just wanting to be in Chicago says a whole lot. We are definitely yearning for something and it is not in the city, at all. We desire more! The conversation felt great, it like old times and we decided to walk around the park, have some ice cream, chat some more about castings and creepy old photographers. We passed Rockefeller Center, and there were tons of "crazies," (men who are creeps) as we strolled by. There was one fella who had stared me down as my friend and I were walking and I said "Ewww....," and Courtney laughed saying "I missed this stuff," and I smiled yet we smiled together. It was funny because I always have something to say if it comes to mind. It's quite brazen, I might add but, I mean what I say. There's reasoning behind it and there is a time and a place for everything.

All the same, we had so many laughs as we went in and out of The Disney Store and Forever 21!!!! Then back to another Starbucks to charge our batteries for the phone. It was a poignant, serene day that I needed. For, with all of the work, and studying that I do, I needed more than a smile which I always give!!!

A day out on the town between all of those places, marketing homework, and the Marriot Hotel, she and I had done pretty swell. I'd say that we had a groovy time full of giggles that felt like yesterday: last Spring, Summer and Fall..

Therefore even though we may meet up 3 seasons out of the year, we have a darn good time! We've always kept the faith yet believed in the magic with writing, acting and modeling in full bloom. Another thing, is leaving town.

There is so much more out there to see and we have believed. It's the way of the world because anything can happen once you believe.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Respect L.O.V.E Regardless of the Title Nor What The Next Man Says...

The saying goes that everyone evolves at their own pace. However, in the real world, this life, we as human beings never can tell who is going to love us or seek vengeance towards us. Everyone appears sweet at the first sight of it all. A lot of the time we have trust our instincts though, there are times when we don't and, whatever happens must be accounted for because it has already happened.

We just simply held liable for the consequences of the deed, once it is done whether it happened to be good or bad. We are the ones who have to observe and ask ourselves why we did what just surpassed? We answer to ourselves or the Universe...
This is the way it goes. There are always human beings on this planet that are going to have something to say about you whether they are in the right or wrong: the reality of it, is that everyone, everywhere has always got something to say.
There's no logical explanation for it all except, people like to talk, people want answers and, most of all, people like their opinions to be heard. This is almost always true. I believe this world is the talk of the town which I would perceive as "The Domino Effect..." When one thing tumbles baby, we all tumble. If you take a life, then your life will be taken and vice versa. That's just the laws of it all because whatever energies you give out, you will without a doubt receive it back!!!!!!!

This is the way it works: Little Girls and Boys of All Ages.
It said because everybody talks about everybody, people presume that they all walk around on high egg shells like nothing has transpired but, truth be told, everyone wants to have that opportunity to tell their story no matter if it is right or wrong. You can never decipher between the two for that matter because there are three sides to a story; their side, your side and the truth. The truth will always prevail in the end although, both parties will never agree to what has happened because pride and, their plague of emotions has succumbed their soul. It's immoral to fight yet hurt others however, you can hurt someone without ever really knowing. At times, you have to see for yourself what is real versus the fake, because 9 times out of 10 people are only going to tell you what they want to tell or rather, let's say their side. Communication is the key and I say, if you want to know something at the end of the day, get off of your got damn tootie frootie ass and ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asking questions, speaking up, and conversation speaks volumes in any given location.

"Open your mouth, it won't hurt none. Rejecting your feelings will destroy your inner being." (Kyemma Vivian Campbell)

Everyone wants to belong, they seek out a sense of entitlement when really, all we need is to be respectful of one another. It doesn't matter about age, or what title you may possess, for everyone deserves respect. Respect is the very essence of love. Love is a powerful word which, is universal and shan't be taken lightly. The world talks so at the end of the day, never what you have said about that human or the world just respect them. Respect goes a long way and may take you many a miles per day...


Even though My Aunty Denise contacted me today and we conversed for a bit about the Hall, my wishes were respected about uncertainty of attending the hall. Besides the hall, she did respect the fact that I didn't want to involved in anyone elses drama, that no matter what is said between two people back and forth: I want no part of it. Although, another person will feel a certain way towards another, that doesn't mean that you or the next man will feel the same exact way. It's highly unacceptable to force another soul to choose, people have to grow up and learn, in order to make the best of what they have been given, and the decisions of who is to come and leave their lives themselves.

Life is about living, learning, loving and good times but, most of all- your choices, you decide to make: No one else!!!

"I say keep this in mind and you will be fine!!!"

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mary Kay Comprised of Reggae & Other Things We Must Know....

We seek what we know, who we are, like minded happy individuals because at the end of the day, we all seek one common goal: this goal is be loved.

"Like attracts like."

We are those that are expressive, tender, caring, classy, sassy, proper,hip-hop, hypnotic, exotic yet robotic. I believe you have mastered my drift.

As the wonderful Shawna Shannon Jones says "everyone evolves at their own pace," which is true and, I couldn't agree more. Just like age is a number, down or up the line we all trangress at different rates no matter the age or bodily form.
We are who we are!There is nothing wrong with being who you are, and I suggest that every human being take light of that papable love of themselves and own, work on it out with your self and, most importantly "act like you know who you are at all times because if you can't control anything, you can control the very person you are!" This speaks voulmes and every soul out here in this Universe has their breaking point. Everything measure adds up, and it all takes time. There are people out there who will literally try to test you, push you because they believe that you aren't who you say you are, you're supposed to become like them, and the list goes on and and on (this is because they aren't happy with who they are, where they are going with their lives). This is a negative force. But, you shouldn't let it affect you, you are who are, and you should embrace that mold. I'm just stating the obvious because it is a very special mold, and one shouldn't let the next man take that light in your eyes away from thee. This could happen with family, friend and all sorts of colleagues though, words are powerful, it is up to you to ultimately define who you are.

Emphasis: Something happened this weekend with a cousin of mine, with whom I was visiting. Actually, I was visiting my Aunty and he happened to be staying there with her. It was a Saturday morning and, I was getting ready for a film class at 1:30pm. I was excited for the day ahead and what was to spring forth. However, something pushed me back a few notches because I took it upon myself to let one of my relatives borrow my umbrella, to go to a store around the corner which ended up taking them an hour to do. My mood had begun to get overtly anxious, so I decided to make some tea and toast for breakfast, (to calm my nerves) then ask my 1st cousin (my oldest 1st cousin) a question (in regards to what had transpired with my relative whom I let borrow the umbrella) and, the response given wasn't too kind. Therefore, I decided to just walk away and, let that person be. I let it be because I knew my impatience had started growing there upon my soul: and perhaps it had been time for me to sit down and consume my tea and toast. However, my cousin decided that he wanted to tease me calling me names like "Rihanna Head, You have your mother's teeth," incessantly which had become insulting to me, at that point. Then he decided that he would try and pick me up by my legs and try to throw me, (I didn't let that happen)and tap me on my head (more than 2x) which was also uncalled for!!! I am a young woman and I strongly believe that I should at all times be respected, and that kind of crude behavior in those stages will not be tolerated at any level. Everyone has their breaking point and I just couldn't take his BS anymore, so I ended up calling him a Bitch and he kept saying I was Bipolar because I am pisces which was absolutely ludicrous. At this stage in the game, I left him alone and I walked away because I believe respect is a 2 way street, and he should respect the woman that I am, as I respect the "persona/man" that he is. All the while, I did apologize to my Aunty for lack of respect in terms of language, but I had nothing to say to my cousin. I believe that he should know better at 28 years of age, this is not how you play with a 25 year old woman who happens to be your cousin. You keep your hands to yourself, and you respect any human being when they tell you they aren't in the mood for such behavior. This turned out to be a plethora of chaos and I happened to realize that this is what I don't need. Although I haven't seen this cousin in a very long time, I was happy I did but, I do know that he will always be who he is and I will be who I am. The one thing you shouldn't do is cross the line because there happens to be boundaries in any relationship formed. I am a female and he is a male, a male should never hit a woman just as a woman should never hit a male: its wrong! It is what we call unjust behavior. From that moment on, I let it ride. I let it ride because although I do know that, I know better than to let someone take hold of my spirit in a negative manner and resort to such vulgarious profanity was wrong too. Even though, I have been known to curse quite a few times in my life, for I am NO angel, but I'd only go through this teasing formula with the man I love. Then again the "MAN" I LOVE wouldn't treat me in this manner. I say this with the utmost positivity because I know that I possess the power to pick him myself. I may not have control over everything but, I can control what attracts my inner spirit. This in whole, speaks voulmes. The words that come out of your mouth have power, they can hurt you but, you shouldn't give anyone else the power to drive you up the wall. As a human being, you deserve so much more than this, and I am well aware that I do just as you too. We are all imperfect souls but, this very altercation has taught me a very valuable lesson...

"everyone isn't meant to travel through life with you, whether family, friend or foe: at times the ones you love can be your worst enemies but, also it can be like this with friends too. You just really never know. We are all imperfect!!!

The message that I am trying to convey is that even though all of this transpired in the very beginning of my day,

"I still had a wonderful day!!!!!"

I went to my film class, at Berkeley College, and listened to an influential lecture from the Professor. I ran errands, paid some bills, smiled and had the chance to experience more out of my life. The day before this, I had a visit with my Aunt Denise and, I have come to find that I miss the Kingdom Hall more than I miss any God for Saken Church. This is truly a surprise but, maybe I just have special memories which I love holding onto because I love life, and people but one has to know which to stray away from yet which to keep. Everyone isn't always good for you no matter the relation. I was brought to life into a very dysfunctional family, who probably has no idea who I really am yet abhor the fact that I am too damn expressive. The one thing I do know is that I have those who LOVE me and those who don't. This is fine. I also, have a grandmother from my Daddy's side of the family (when I say Daddy, I mean my stepfather) who gives me LOVE 24/7, I have a father who gives me love unconditionally too (biological) at all times along with his wife (at her own pace), and my paternal grandmother thinks of me as her world, (I am her BABY)and I am also blessed with Angelina Grantham who has been an Aunty and Mother to me since the age of 12.5 (She LOVES me for me) and I LOVE so much so even if I don't receive the type of love that I seek from my "Mother," guess what???
I'm always gonna love that woman ten times harder because I can, no matter what is said (whether I say it or the blind man says it). I believe that everything and, everyone is placed into your life for a reason. I feel like, where would I be without, Big Andy (My Daddy though the relationship was unhealthy, he did possess family values), Fred (My Father, I'm always his little girl), Angelina Grantham (MY Mom) and the list continues. "Nothing that roams this planet ever ceases to amaze me, for we all grow, tell white lies or what we wish to tell, work and develop at our own speed but, from ashes to ashes, dust to dust we are so we either move a level up or down," and we all want LOVE. However, love is more of a need than a want! This is the beauty of it all!

Nothing that was said or done provoked me to stop being happy with life. To stop moving on and up the ladder. "

At the end of the day, you are what you eat yet you are what you believe!!!!!!"

I had faith yet believed so much that I ended up having the most wonderful evening with my Aunt Kemba Green and my cousins, at "Our Mary Kay Make-up Test Trial Night," for Women of Color as I call it. I never let the confrontation that occurred during the morning hours to deprive of my poignant spirit but, I did go on to let it empower my soul!! I am worth more than an occassional "I LOVE YOU." -Trey Songz-
I am glad that I know it because I didn't fall or try to become something that I am not- like letting someone force me into believing I should become a stripper or a porn star, (I knew people like that)marrying for citizenship, dating an old man to fufill his needs and again, I've come in contact with individuals like this but I kept on moving. I knew better, because no matter what your parents are, or what people may say that doesn't mean that is who you are! You are what you believe, and a trillion times better. This is what emotes from within my noggin every single day of my life. Let's just say during this Mary Kay Business Venture/Makeup Night with my Aunty was motivational. We saw the beauty in ourselves from within. My cousins and I have tried new things, new makeup, laughs and even laughs at me because I can almost always be too happy "And you have to ask, Kyemma, are you drunk....?" and I respond "No, I am just really, really, really HAPPY.." (I LOVE being "HAPPY" and hugging the people I love, even though I do love wine, and have been drunk before in my life.) It is what it is.

This is a beautiful feeling yet it felt great to support my Aunty in all of her ventures especially this one. It feels wonderful because I want her to know

"That YOU ARE a VERY BEAUTFIFUL WOMAN and there's nothing in this life that you can't TAKE DOWN!!!!"

"Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, the very word says I'M POSSIBLE.." -Audrey Hepburn-

My Aunty is beautiful and the fact that she's gone on to test her products on her bratty neices and cousin, shows how much she really does love us, (even when my BEST Friend calls and I give her the pep talk) and my Aunty still tolerates it. That's love, the jokes, the smiles, the makeup: it equates with love. This is beautiful and you can take a look for yourself and define your beauty at her site,, in order to experience your own divine beauty!

This is return is all about support, encouragement, beauty and, respect of all men and woman. This is what heals, for the good life is the best life with friends, marriage, family yet L.O.V.E.
You can take hold of what you desire...

After that night we all desired dancing and we danced all night long to reggae (Keman, Crystal and I) while Aunt Kem recorded us. This brought me back to the time where I would dance to reggae as a child with my Daddy and family, (stepfamily) and I was 8 years old, my brother and I were dancing with our cousins/aunts/uncles/grandma-ma, this was the time that I learned how to wine and everyone was happy, as they drank their Heinekeins and us kids just laughed.

This was a memory: there are good memories and there are bad memories but, whatever you choose to hold onto makes a world of difference. Just because there is a sad, hurtful memory doesn't mean that you can't open your eyes to assist other human beings, who've experienced the same yet the worse. Communication has the power to heal the soul within itself. Nothing is too great that you can't see with your third eye and the mind...


The faith is the best part of life and, not knowing is even better because whatever is meant for you to have will be....

Saturday, April 23, 2011


The world is ludicrous, things change including the the mind and time frame. We as human beings, all adapt to our surroundings yet embrace what is given unto us and, take this gift as it is. It is the very blessing of what is should.

The times teach us lessons and day to day values in life...
I am happy I came back to the city to do what I aspired to do as far as posing Nude, for various Artistic Artist's and, for the school of Visual Arts. I went on to perform in background work, the theatre, poetic justice in, floetic terms..
I am still pursuing what I set out to do and even more, but, more than just that.
I have found freedom within my comfort zone, myself, my life, my past and as I reflect on the all of the moments and events that have transpired, I do realize that I have come a long way: This plethora of strength, love and appreciation emits the wild tangible forces of my soul....

It almost always makes me smile and makes my life worth living every second of the day!!! I Belong to myself, my spirit, my soul and God. It is always good to have that feeling of love rectify everything that seems so wrong yet right in your life. At the end of the day, we all seek love.... What's so interesting is that Tami and I (Tami's is a close, very dear friend of mine) and, we were chatting about this very topic, on Thursday. "Everyone seeks love, the problem is you have to love yourself which, is fine by me...." "The thing is love happens when you least expect it, it can sneak up on you like a snake in the night, rather a thief in the night.." I believe you can all grasp the picture, and this is the beauty of it. There is a story behind every picture frame, with hundreds of scenes and you've just got to believe. Life is beautiful when yearn for yet go after what you desire. At this time, at this day and age, I desire you, but I don't know why!? The "YOU," could be any walking creature placed upon planet earth and somehow, we will never know. This is the mystery of it all.

"Life is a mystery, one should never let it slip between the cracks....."

"At the bottom of the 9th when the bases are loaded, there is always "Faith.."

Therefore, I conclude this with a passionate love for you, my craft, everything I do, the family given unto me, the family I was born into, my inner circle of love which is my family too, and MY BEST Friend Abby because I truly believe that without her I couldn't make it through. And a special friendship with the likes of Tami Soligan, Melanie Gretchen (whom I LOVE dearly) and, Lisa Nicki-Perry, from my extended family... These are MY loves too.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lessons thru the lives of extraordinary human beings....(thoughts part 5)

Have you ever wondered?
Have you ever asked, what was the purpose?
What is the general code or cause for your very existence?! The fact that you exist on planet earth is a blessing yet the elders always say that it's rude to ask.
God will punish you for asking, but, I think not. I believe that this is the mystery of it all.

It's remarkable how things change and yet, they are still the same. You start out as a little girl, pointing that finger since the age of 1, at every adult you see. Then you start looking in the mirror at the age of five, emulating other characters and actors, and by the time you reach that heavenly age of 10, someone leaves your life that protected you back then. This is when you discover that you have a passion for writing coupled with the mirror and it starts to slap you right in the cranium. Somewhere, along the lines and pretty soon, you're abused, and you change but somehow you still remain the same. But your sexuality, you weren't aware of (at the time) has a crescendo greater than you. It's not your fault, pretty little girl, it's just that others didn't do their job at protecting you. However, you've grown into a wise woman and parent, at that (not parent of you, but a parent of your soul and the people you love who love you in return) and that is a blessing. I believe so because you'll never have to purchase this little woman's love, for it is all for you. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you and I love, how you keep track of your dreams and, don't stop but, keep on believing. I know I had to LOVE you even more when you decided that it was time to battle at the age of 12. Nonetheless, you little thing, I respect you! You know that I love you and that I want the best for us: you and me. I am your soul and you are my spirit. It's ludicrous how they are in synchronization but, true.

In life, we start out with one common goal that is transformed into another. We are born with half and half: from our mothers' and our fathers.' However, I believe that just bringing a child into this world doesn't confirm you're a parent. What makes you a master of parenting (though we are all imperfect) is stepping out to the field with the desire to hit a home run, with each and every batter: conquering the mistakes of the high's and low's brought forth. That's the real definitive battle and I know, because I have two daddies (they love me very much) and, a mother (or 2, to compensate for the love I never receive from the original). It's a tale but, I know for a fact that everything in the dark must to light and, we all seek love. Love isn't something I'm worried about because I born with the very word, "LOVE" ingrained within my soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a lover at heart and, not a fighter unless I have too. I will fight for my children, for my dreams which are reality, for the man I love, and everything I believe to be true. I may not always be right but, this is the beauty of it because we are all imperfect creatures roaming planet earth. It's as if we have a mission.I believe I have a mission although, I think God has something more influential for me to achieve with my talents. I think the first is marriage, that which, I do deserve because I have to learn to stop wearing the pants and the dress, and it's imperative that I relax. I am not superhuman even if I believe I am! Second, would be performing in theatre or writng about it, for I just have this feeling that this is what I'm driven to do. I mean, a girl doesn't look in the mirror, 24 hours a day, reciting voices, posing and writing about her life's long dream for nothing. It's absoulutely ludicrous but, all the same, it makes me smile. I'm only human and we all make mistakes. Also, I think that's why I can't really be too angry when my mother never calls because you have to accept people for who they are, and it doesn't mean they love you any less. In her case, we shall never know. But, I do LOVE her with all of my heart and soul: I would travel to the moon and back for this woman. My baby brothers' and sister too. Sometimes you've got to let well enough alone and, just let it be. It will always be what it is in life and that is something everyone on this earth should know.

It goes to show that we will all have a passion for something but, in the very end, it becomes the ultimate test of whether we will proceed with this God given plan or man's plan! I told my friend, my big brother, Timothy Pfeifer, "I believe the world is going to hell in a waste basket.." Timothy doesn't believe it will and you know what, maybe he is right! Besides, all of this 2012 bullshit is a vast amount of lard waiting to be captivated by the public's soul, while you wait to hear of what the government is going to do to you next. It has nothing to do with anyone's race, creed or color because after all "we are all just a social security number!" The world never ceases to amaze me, especially the lessons I learn from other people that I meet through my travel in life, from the likes of: my friend's, Timothy Pfeifer, Brian Niko Fontes, Aunt Donna, Abby Francis, Emily Fortunato, Shawna Jones, and Tami Soligan. They are all interesting people and they have come from a life of numerous experiences that take them along way. I admire and respect these individuals for the work they do and love! Also 2 of them happen to be very close yet some are new friends and, one is a very best friend. This is sweet.

I won't go into detail about them all. However, yesterday which is on a Thursday, was the day I had the opportunity to see my "Tami Soligan!!!!!!!" We spent the entire afternoon together. AHAHAH I love this woman and she always makes smile and laugh. We are both Actresses pursuing our dreams, and goals. We're seeking "Love in the City," and it's kind of like this where have a "Sex & the City" relationship. She is the best and we always have good times together. We were members of the same theatre company, cast in a production that never went thru, had shows during the same night and, have dated a numerous amount of douchebags New York City has to offer. This confirms that you cannot find a good man in the city!!! That's why I plan to move to San Fransico, Chicago or Atlanta (Tami and I will browse around for me, soon, in life) but now we must stop with the douchebags...
And to this very moment since yesterday, we can't count! It's so grotesque we have put a stop to it and, not even think about the "it" subject. Besides, like my Tami said "Ky!!! We have 5 more years before we think about marriage and kids. let's just forget about the men!" She's right, we have nothing but time but, you need the man to be married and have kids. I reckon that seals the bond!!! Though, she's right because we are never gonna find what we are looking for so we might as well put a halt to it. Let's be off with it and done, I say!!! But, I LOVE Tami, wholeheartedly, for this because our girl-talk, shopping and coffee just makes me thrilled to go on with life and pursue every road. I guess we just tend to suck in the "Mens Department" but, us gals, know how to throw a good party with sophistication and sass, yet work it out! We always manage to bounce back yet support one another in all we do, even if one of us has non-existent sex life's. The world is our oyster, and partying, shopping, (maybe not men except the ones who want us, if there are any..)and, our love-acting. We have decided that we don't have to be rich and that what makes us rich, is living happily, most of all content, performing our craft with an above average living, with breathing space and, not a man to complete us. We enhance the man, the man doesn't enhance but compliments our style!!! We connect and, that is poignant with any friendship in life. We teach each other things in life every time we meet. I know when we see one another that we possess our daily dose of "Sex & The City," in our lives. That's what makes this and every relationship I may encounter with a human being so special.

You never know where life may carry you, you may have a dream in line with God's plan, and not know it, or you don't believe in God (that's fine), or you're driven into the arms of your future love or husband, maybe even having 2 career's larger than life. It's all a prime example of everything we may become accustomed to, acquainted and/or annointed with.

As "Miley Cyrus" would say "It's The Climb. Keep The Faith, Keep Your Faith..." because everything takes its grand toll, and you aren't in control even when you believe that you are. The "Powers Above" have the utmost control over every living, breathing reptile and creature.

It is the climb and the question is: Who's willing to climb.......?

I started climbing when I took my first look into a mirror but, everything is different for everybody.....

"There are different strokes for different folks..." "Whatchu talkin' bout Willis"
-Different Strokes-