Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ky & Court aka Vivian & Noelle: taking light of the world we live in, personal lives, the town and common sense...

The day has turned out to be wonderfully, adventurous. I had a beautiful time with my darling off and on Best of a Friend, Courtney Noelle Dawson. Now, Courtney has never given me any reason to doubt our friendship, it's just that we almost always see one another 3 seasons out of the year, when the weather is lovely, nice and perky. I say "perky" because I am always perky even when I'm mad, at times. But, it doesn't change the very fact that we only connect during seasons- Spring, Summer, and Fall. The only season we really don't get together for is Winter. "It's like we are in hibernation, which I have mentioned to Court (her nick name) as we have strolled down 5th avenue." She immediately giggled saying "Ky, don't say that!!!" And I went on to explain that I see her more than I ever see my "Soul Sister," and I know people get busy with their lives and that speaks volumes. Time with the people you love is always precious. She said I know and we agreed on something besides, going to Starbucks so I could get my Iced Non-Fat Coffee and her Vanilla Bean Frappucino, the Sushi- compliments of Court, and using the rest room at McDonald's. Our moods grew happily before then..

I felt so bad, for when she had first bumped into me via our meet up spot at Bryant Park because I was texting, and she comes up to me and says, "You looking for somebody!!" And we instantly hugged and it was talk of "I've missed you here and there...," with smiles and cheer because Court and Ky were Back In Action!!!!!! We were ready. Well, I was ready for Coffee and Court was ready for a potty break: therefore the decisions made appeased both our little noggins, and we started what we do best from there: catching up on the Brian's, Shadow's and Men, period, of our lives, family, loved ones, our morals, our desires, careers in entertainment and getting the "HELL" out of New York City, in the end of it all. We've had enough but, as we've concluded

"there will be douche bags everywhere you go," "good men are hard to come by," "you can't turn a little boy into a man, how you get a man is how you will keep him," and "some people in New York City don't wash their hands after using the restroom!"

This was a got damn shame but it is what it was and still is, we just haven't met our match. Though, we aren't looking, the forces of nature attracts us to whatever it sees fit. The way I see fit, I am happy I am not "fucking" anyone in particular, to be quite frank. "This isn't mating season and we aren't monkeys or mammals.." I am saving my soul, my treasures for the one, who's in it to win it. "Life's too crazy to waste your time on the little ones, when you could have the love of your life, or essentially a great tall lover who connects within your soul so you two become one and, whole." It's not a game when you are a woman dedicated to your craft and I believe this is what Courtney and I are mastering. Everything has its breaking point and this right here is ours.

We want so much more and as the two of us gals, sat in Bryant Park, eating our sushi and chattering away, it made us smile. We were linked up as last like "Bears coming out of hibernation!" All of the silly stuff said about men, modeling, acting, moving, exploring: the fact that I want to leave the city to move to Chicago, San Francisco or Atlanta because I'm a happy, energetic person. In addition to Courtney just wanting to be in Chicago says a whole lot. We are definitely yearning for something and it is not in the city, at all. We desire more! The conversation felt great, it like old times and we decided to walk around the park, have some ice cream, chat some more about castings and creepy old photographers. We passed Rockefeller Center, and there were tons of "crazies," (men who are creeps) as we strolled by. There was one fella who had stared me down as my friend and I were walking and I said "Ewww....," and Courtney laughed saying "I missed this stuff," and I smiled yet we smiled together. It was funny because I always have something to say if it comes to mind. It's quite brazen, I might add but, I mean what I say. There's reasoning behind it and there is a time and a place for everything.

All the same, we had so many laughs as we went in and out of The Disney Store and Forever 21!!!! Then back to another Starbucks to charge our batteries for the phone. It was a poignant, serene day that I needed. For, with all of the work, and studying that I do, I needed more than a smile which I always give!!!

A day out on the town between all of those places, marketing homework, and the Marriot Hotel, she and I had done pretty swell. I'd say that we had a groovy time full of giggles that felt like yesterday: last Spring, Summer and Fall..

Therefore even though we may meet up 3 seasons out of the year, we have a darn good time! We've always kept the faith yet believed in the magic with writing, acting and modeling in full bloom. Another thing, is leaving town.

There is so much more out there to see and we have believed. It's the way of the world because anything can happen once you believe.

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