Saturday, April 23, 2011


The world is ludicrous, things change including the the mind and time frame. We as human beings, all adapt to our surroundings yet embrace what is given unto us and, take this gift as it is. It is the very blessing of what is should.

The times teach us lessons and day to day values in life...
I am happy I came back to the city to do what I aspired to do as far as posing Nude, for various Artistic Artist's and, for the school of Visual Arts. I went on to perform in background work, the theatre, poetic justice in, floetic terms..
I am still pursuing what I set out to do and even more, but, more than just that.
I have found freedom within my comfort zone, myself, my life, my past and as I reflect on the all of the moments and events that have transpired, I do realize that I have come a long way: This plethora of strength, love and appreciation emits the wild tangible forces of my soul....

It almost always makes me smile and makes my life worth living every second of the day!!! I Belong to myself, my spirit, my soul and God. It is always good to have that feeling of love rectify everything that seems so wrong yet right in your life. At the end of the day, we all seek love.... What's so interesting is that Tami and I (Tami's is a close, very dear friend of mine) and, we were chatting about this very topic, on Thursday. "Everyone seeks love, the problem is you have to love yourself which, is fine by me...." "The thing is love happens when you least expect it, it can sneak up on you like a snake in the night, rather a thief in the night.." I believe you can all grasp the picture, and this is the beauty of it. There is a story behind every picture frame, with hundreds of scenes and you've just got to believe. Life is beautiful when yearn for yet go after what you desire. At this time, at this day and age, I desire you, but I don't know why!? The "YOU," could be any walking creature placed upon planet earth and somehow, we will never know. This is the mystery of it all.

"Life is a mystery, one should never let it slip between the cracks....."

"At the bottom of the 9th when the bases are loaded, there is always "Faith.."

Therefore, I conclude this with a passionate love for you, my craft, everything I do, the family given unto me, the family I was born into, my inner circle of love which is my family too, and MY BEST Friend Abby because I truly believe that without her I couldn't make it through. And a special friendship with the likes of Tami Soligan, Melanie Gretchen (whom I LOVE dearly) and, Lisa Nicki-Perry, from my extended family... These are MY loves too.

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