Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Respect L.O.V.E Regardless of the Title Nor What The Next Man Says...

The saying goes that everyone evolves at their own pace. However, in the real world, this life, we as human beings never can tell who is going to love us or seek vengeance towards us. Everyone appears sweet at the first sight of it all. A lot of the time we have trust our instincts though, there are times when we don't and, whatever happens must be accounted for because it has already happened.

We just simply held liable for the consequences of the deed, once it is done whether it happened to be good or bad. We are the ones who have to observe and ask ourselves why we did what just surpassed? We answer to ourselves or the Universe...
This is the way it goes. There are always human beings on this planet that are going to have something to say about you whether they are in the right or wrong: the reality of it, is that everyone, everywhere has always got something to say.
There's no logical explanation for it all except, people like to talk, people want answers and, most of all, people like their opinions to be heard. This is almost always true. I believe this world is the talk of the town which I would perceive as "The Domino Effect..." When one thing tumbles baby, we all tumble. If you take a life, then your life will be taken and vice versa. That's just the laws of it all because whatever energies you give out, you will without a doubt receive it back!!!!!!!

This is the way it works: Little Girls and Boys of All Ages.
It said because everybody talks about everybody, people presume that they all walk around on high egg shells like nothing has transpired but, truth be told, everyone wants to have that opportunity to tell their story no matter if it is right or wrong. You can never decipher between the two for that matter because there are three sides to a story; their side, your side and the truth. The truth will always prevail in the end although, both parties will never agree to what has happened because pride and, their plague of emotions has succumbed their soul. It's immoral to fight yet hurt others however, you can hurt someone without ever really knowing. At times, you have to see for yourself what is real versus the fake, because 9 times out of 10 people are only going to tell you what they want to tell or rather, let's say their side. Communication is the key and I say, if you want to know something at the end of the day, get off of your got damn tootie frootie ass and ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asking questions, speaking up, and conversation speaks volumes in any given location.

"Open your mouth, it won't hurt none. Rejecting your feelings will destroy your inner being." (Kyemma Vivian Campbell)

Everyone wants to belong, they seek out a sense of entitlement when really, all we need is to be respectful of one another. It doesn't matter about age, or what title you may possess, for everyone deserves respect. Respect is the very essence of love. Love is a powerful word which, is universal and shan't be taken lightly. The world talks so at the end of the day, never what you have said about that human or the world just respect them. Respect goes a long way and may take you many a miles per day...


Even though My Aunty Denise contacted me today and we conversed for a bit about the Hall, my wishes were respected about uncertainty of attending the hall. Besides the hall, she did respect the fact that I didn't want to involved in anyone elses drama, that no matter what is said between two people back and forth: I want no part of it. Although, another person will feel a certain way towards another, that doesn't mean that you or the next man will feel the same exact way. It's highly unacceptable to force another soul to choose, people have to grow up and learn, in order to make the best of what they have been given, and the decisions of who is to come and leave their lives themselves.

Life is about living, learning, loving and good times but, most of all- your choices, you decide to make: No one else!!!

"I say keep this in mind and you will be fine!!!"

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