Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It happened: By Kyemma "Vivian Campbell"

Once all the stones have been cast
Your love lingers within grasp
Thrown in the crystal clear river
And to ponder..
They don't even have to ask about me for when looking deep unto mine eyes they'll have made a visit with the truth
The truth, so silent yet so meek but, at the end of night let's me sleep,
To only dream of you till' I wake
Because when I'm done it'll have been the start of the next day, next month, next calendar year
For when our love explodes doomsday will appear,
Though I fear, I'll never experience your love
'Cause deep down you started off as this awful bug; a bug in mine ear
And I brewed up a steaming pot of hatred towards you, as it would appear
But now, now everything isn't clear
Because when I yearn for you, I'm calling you near
I started out doing this for myself and then, I came to see you're the one I want to capture for myself
I wanna be on your team, your side
I wanna be your Bonnie, you be, my Clyde
But I see, I see
Love don't come easy
You ain't come easy because I ain't come easy
Though I care and cared even more when you teased me..
This edible succulent game of cat and mouse
Gave her nothing but a taste for what you're about
Though without a doubt I've gotta let you flow from my mind because this crush,
This 'I don't know what,' has got me spinning into a 4th dimension
Don't know if it's well worth mentioning
I felt it with you
I felt it with you
I felt it with you
That's the least I could do
You make me sick
I could easily hate you because I can't have you,
But it's not in my heart
I'm not that kind of woman
I'm stronger than that
But when it comes to the tip of my tongue,
I was never created to hate but created to love
So thankful for this present which is ever such a blessing
For sometimes when I close my eyes,
It is you I see, it is you I see as I fly through the warm breeze
Guessing that encounter wasn't so bad Cause what I had hated I've come to love and what has made me sad has made me smile
Smile because I can
What has transpired
What has transpired
She or I nor you will never know..
That's the magic
All strung out, up in the air with some doubts...
You, you, you
Me, me, me
I'm letting it be..

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