Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lessons at the Expo By: Kyemma "Vivian Campbell"

Today was such an awe inspiring thrilling experience, I've come to encounter during work.

You see today and for the rest of the weekend until Friday, I am booked to work as an Event Hostess. The event was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

This event happened for me based upon luck and a blessing through my good friend Vivian; the one I call thing 1 and she calls me thing 2. Vivian and I have worked together in the past on previous events, and she is such a doll face!!!!!!!! But, that's beside the point except if it weren't for dear, sweet Vivian, Kyemma Vivian Campbell aka Vivian wouldn't have been booked. She's a great person and I am thankful for our relationship as friends.

Back to basics.... Now you see today was going great. I rose out of bed as early as a bubble bee, I had 2 cups of coffee before I left and when I had arrived to Chelsea. I was very happy as always!!!!! But then, there's always that tiny pessimistic snake who comes in with the antipathy to rain on your parade!!! They are either lazy no longer wanting to put in team effort, yet they complain all day. They complain 10 hours during the entire event because thëy don't want to contribute to advertising a product.
This was type of personality I've come to endure, and will have to endure during the rest of this event... In addition to showing up tardy with the attitude of a 5 year old child: well I'll be damned. However, I still kept my composure. The head manager, Melody, had seen what transpired and had no doubts at all. I was very excited and, had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Vera Moore of Vera Moore Cosmetics, who became absolutely smitten with me and my perky little self. Conversations amongst the consumers, and team member had become very enlightening. I also, enjoyed seeing the smile on Mama Vera's face (she's like the older mother Í never had) and, my smile brought her and her family joy!!! We exchanged contact information in terms of linking up, I suppose. She asked 10 minutes after the 1st hello, and I knew we were destined to be friends. Working the expo was special to me also, the fact that I had the chance to put a smile to the children's faces!!! This made my day!!! I swear I want kids but, first marriage because I believe it seals the bond one has with their mate. I want 3 children from my husband and, I will name them Kate, Sienna and Simon. However, if I ever fall madly in love I'll name them after "The MAN" aka my husband. If this doesn't happen I'll adopt from Ethiopia, China and Italy ahahahah yeah... Truth be told I will be married someday with a white picket fence, and someone who loves me just as much as I love them!!! Someone to make me laugh and, tease me when I'm upset, and tell me "NO," because for some odd reason I like that. Other than this future, I am LOVING being a working women, and every minute of it too. My career, the stage, school and writing makes me smile!!! I couldn't ask for anything more. I LOVE it. The children I worked with today along with the parents and, marathon runners made my day. I am truly blessed!!!!!!

The one thing that hurts my soul is when you're working with a team mate who isn't passionate about their work at all. In life, we must work hard for the fruits of our labor and be our very best at what we do. If not? How else will we learn or gain from the work we put in. This human being couldn't be happy or maintain a smile until, the time came to end the event. They said "I don't like working this event, it sucks and I was paid more at the other event to do nothing. I don't wanna work. I am a Producer, I have this and that..." I know in life, we all complain about the mundane things in our life but, come on...!? You simply can't have everything your way and expect to get results from no work at all. The work you do starts from the ground up! I mean, look at me, I am no angel but, I do my best and I do the work because no matter how much you complain you'll never have what you need or desire if "complain and whine" is your middle name. For the seeds you sow within the ground will therefore manifest later. This is in the bible. Sometimes I don't get people but, all the same; I LOVE them!!!!!!!!! I tried to make the best of the situation, held my composure to work with my content soul. Just because the next man isn't content doesn't mean I shall not be! You've got to love yourself and want more for yourself. What you give unto to people they'll give unto you. People love to see other people happy though, everyone isn't going to adhere to you by any means, the moral of the story is respect, manners and love. You can give love even if not given unto you!!! It'll always come back full circle, as long as you are true to you. Today confirms that working makes me glow, feeling even more orgasmic then I've ever felt & all the while keeping me pumped. I love that and that's how I want my other half to be: strong, happy and tall!!! It also confirms marriage, children and a career in stage or literary works, maybe a show or book, so as long as I am working with children and people my soul is fine. It doesn't take much to please me. I just can't understand why people complain but, sign up for stuff anyway. I believe if you are going to complain, take initiative. But, please don't spoil it for the children, they are the world. We just live in it. Love what you do and, if not find something you love and revamp it into a masterpiece.

This, my friends, was my experience at the expo today, and lessons were learned. People are still the same imperfect souls we were meant to be!!!!!!

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