Thursday, May 26, 2011

Motivational Y.O.U

It's not about seeking the past for answers to the present
It's about growing as an individual day by day, a step at a time regardless of what people and the world may think or say. We are divine because we are one and, we are just us- who we are. If a person doesn't like you I say 'FUCK em'!!!' I say this purely because you have just got to know when to move on and, travel down that yellow brick road like Dorothy did, in the "Wizard of Oz.." You see Dorothy was sacred but she encountered friends along the way who helped her in so many ways. And in return, she did the same. Life is about helping people, being happy, working hard, accomplishing what you love. You can be anything you want to be. There's always going to be someone who will try to stop you, or tear you a part piece by piece but, you have got to learn that you have got to bounce back!!! Never "BUY" love or friends because real love comes naturally though, hard it's never fake! Your intuition tells you the truth.

Do you hear ME?

Bounce the fuck back!!! Fuck what they said because they are just an audience waiting for you to explode. Move on, be happy, have fun, go out and have sex, jump rope, go to school, become an acrobat, an actress or writer like me, become a dancer, a stripper, a rock star, a singer, the president, get married, have kids or have The "Back-up Plan" (I've been watching this for the past 2 days) and, it's good stuff. MY elusive point is do what you want to do, and have the courage to be who you are. Folks are always going to talk because they've been doing it since the agte of time!!! Hey they spoke dirt of The Late Great Marilyn Monroe and she's still making money on her death bed! This is because the woman is the truth and I love her for one, and so does all of America, which is why there's so much gossip: good or bad. People in the world don't know when to "CUT IT OUT!" and just put a sock in it. If people want to talk let because actions speak louder than words and you will always reap what you sew. Hey half of my family thinks I'm too white (funny thing is I am black, part irish and indian so does it really matter, your color shouldn't define you)for them, and I'm still working hard because deep down inside "I AM ME," and that's beautiful baby! I'd rather be proper, sophisticated, happy, sexy, full of high spirits, date a vast amount of white boys, eat indian food, sushi, drink wine and coffee, smile then date a bunch of indian men, and black men (maybe just be international)study, get married, have kids, and act. The point is I value myself more than anyone else and, no matter what I've been through I know I am on my way; there's no feeling better than that because I LOVE ME!!!! You should love "you" too because from the day you were born you were the only you, you have had, besides your family)..

I just want to say: BE YOU!!! Thank God You Don't Live in a sewer and put a smile on!!!

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