Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sign: By Kyemma "Vivian Campbell"

What's so symbolic of our love
Is that you are there thinking of thee above
When I need you
Day or night
Don't have to raise my hand, make a sound
You come when the time's right
It is true for you know the signs
The signs of your dear love in the light
You are poignant, mystical yet the truth
There wouldn't be a me without you
The sound of your name rings bells in my mind
It brings me joy without a simple sign
You think of me even before and when you think of you
You are a real man and my dream has come true
Is this fate
Is it the time
The universe has brought us into the light
I kind a get it now
Can't you see
I am secure with you
Sound and safely
No more fighting on and on
We'll help one another whether the storm
You were made for me and I was made for you
For nothing is ever wrong when it is right

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