Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thoughts Part 4 By: Kyemma "Vivian Campbell"

So Abby, was right!!!

Once again, my best friend had everything down pact as she always does. The guy I had once gone out with over the summer, introduced to me by his Irish sister, was only out for one thing: just to unlock and better yet screw that cookie jar. I'm not surprised for when I told him..

"I'm seeking something more out of a relationship, and I'm not willing to have sex with you. If you want to go out to a movie or dinner then fine, otherwise the answer is no!"

He just didn't wanna hear it and so I've gotten no response since then, even though he had been begging all weekend for me to hang. But, the term "hanging out" constitutes for I'd love a piece of your goodies aka the "cookies" from the cookie jar. I am shaking my head at the man he is because I haven't seen him since I broke everything off and all forms of contact with him during the summer. I was right then to leave him alone as I am now. We had one date where I was set to meet him at a lounge, and he forgot because he was drunk. This is when I ran into the German. By then, I decided to let Gerard go for good, no matter how many times he rang my phone. The German who catered to my needs when I became a "Damsel in Distress" said

"that guy is a douche-bag and you deserve so much better!!!"

The German was a nice guy but, too sweet and that I deserve however, he wasn't the one. His name was Matt, and we did have a good time at the bar, at his friends wedding reception, and he was an AMAZING kisser. He had the tongue of a god!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he terrified me when he started naming our future kids... I was taken back because he was and then he wasn't what I desired at the same time. We decided to be friends and just let it go. He was a gentlemen though, and he didn't try anything. The kiss was mutual. I liked that very much. The dating scene that summer captivated my noggin because Gerard wasn't right just like Tony wasn't right.

Tony was this guy who I had dated on and off but, he was a loner. He never loved people, and I love people so I had to let him go. He played so many games and never wanted to try anything out of his element. Also, he was very fond of his friend from Trinidad. Now I love Trinidad though, I've never been: my step-dad is from Trinidad. But, this guy spoke of her all of the time, and I felt he should just be with her!!! Now, I wasn't jealous, but, damn, all I receive is dinner, a movie at your place which happens to be my movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's", and the story of her. It was my fault because people only do what you allow them to do! Which is why I put an end to this. He was, in fact, a partner with a benefit: he would never love me. At least not the way the way I wanted him to. I knew better. This is why I shut that shit down and he thought I was playing. I was done for good and relieved. Anyhow, I thought he was about to experience a mid-life crisis and, I decided this is it. A woman of my nature requires something new...

There are most likely 3 men I've dated that gave respect, love and the feeling happened to be mutual. But, through all of these trials, I call them trials because they are: you learn from each and every relationship that you have with an individual in life. It doesn't hurt you but has the tendency to make you strong. It's what you do with that knowledge that's valuable. It's called "The Education of Love, Life, People and Men" and it has a woman going haywire everyday. We learn everyday and that's what makes this and us as a people so special. It's the lessons we learn that contribute to our growth.

Let's just say that life is a one huge educational shopping spree! Whatever you want to purchase, please do go out there and buy it. It's good for you!

I say, just be thankful you are able to participate in this shopping spree. We are all fighters and the battle has only just begun. My best friend and I chat for hours on end every night, and we are so a like, it's uncanny. The 2 of us have ESP or some shit but, Abby does know what I'm going to do before I do it. Through the good and bad, we both know what the next one is plotting to do. This is what makes our relationship so special. She knew I wasn't going to go see that man, and she was right.

What are friends for?!

They are family, they are love and support, the very next best thing to a sister or brother, and they are going to be honest with you every step of way. Friends are there to teach you things just like everyone else in your life. If I didn't have Abby, I don't know what I would do because through thick and thin we always know the truth. Friends are teachers to one another in life.

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