Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"My Humble Human Ode"

You see I have this entry level mode where I believe in myself and, when I see myself falling I push that "ASS" a million steps forward. 'Cause we have got to keep moving up the ladder in this life, it is the only one we have got.

You see I have fell off the ladder, down the rabbit hole 2nd quarter then, I flew right back; pushing that ass! In everything a person does, there has to be some form of meaning and substance equating from within because that is the only way. We must not only seek to survive but, live; live, be engaging, love and have a vast amount energy given to all we aspire to do and will do. Personally, for everything that I do in my life, on the stage, in front of the camera, and on the paper is above average. I know my limits but, will never give another the pleasure of succumbing unto them. I can really never be satisfied with myself because I desire more and, will not stop; the way I look at it, is I deserve the very best!

"This is a rccipe that everyone should try on for size!" -kvc-

That's the magic, I believe in God, I am not a saint, I believe in love and the poignant unruly things, and time.

"With grace is time and with time is grace." -kvc-

I'll be leaving you all with a photo (above) of a fellow castmate of mine; in time we worked it out, the entire cast and the show was memorable experience in the midst of time.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Alphina's Women Wish, Trees, The Shoot yet More...

As I sit here, I notice there's a tree in the park (Battery Park) yet I feel the urge to climb it. The funny thing is , if I do climb this tree the director may come back, say 'back to one' and, that would be the end of it. You see, today is the day that I am filming (for a promotion) and, this shoot happened to occur last minute.

Here's how the events have transpired; you see, last night I had been contacted by a Ms. Jeannie from 2 Dot Productions to (see if I'd be available for the shoot) participate in the shoot due to someone calling out so I said 'yes' because I didn't have any plans lined up today besides that BORING ass of a 'Mind and Body' college course at night, (and at any rate I'd be praying for more work and loads of auditions ) besides we've got to head where the money is! Right!? "You can't feed yourself without a dime in this city unless you're seeking refuge from the government!!" This is New York City, and 'single women' have got to do what they have got to d! Right on! That's the motto, you work hard and, you play later. Yuppers! Yuppity Yup! Exactly my sentiments and reasoning for being here; I don't mind at all because I am a 'Go-Getter!' I follow my own mold, mode and set the tonality for the stage. God knows living in America, in New York City is like one big stage! We have got to survive. I adore and love that trait because it gets you very far in life. However, climbing up the tree in the middle of Battery pak can only get you so far, on this set. About half the Actors, Promotional Models/Ambassadors are shooting, and the other sector is on a 5 minute break like me.

This is cool!!! It's for Alphinawomenwish and in conjuction with; the yogurt is amazing but that's beside the point.

The goal is to having everyone on set, where they will be given butterflies in evenlopes and, for every butterfly released on the count of 5 to 1, all of the proceeds will go to homeless/down trotten individuals, and women! This commerical shoot will be on in the next week or so, also on Alphina's facebook, twitter and youtube page! It is a really lovely cause, which I am honored to have been a part of today.

Good things come to those who wait with the utmost patience and persistance.

My friends, it's a poignant feeling that has been bestowed upon me. It is what I perceive as a humble blessing little nuggets!

Although, I am not climbing a tree today, with every butterfly released I've felt a sense of pride, hop and joy. The time flew yet it made no matter because it comes down to mind over matter. Whatever questions asked from passerbys, it's fine because I am in love with today's event/shoot; from 11:45-3:45pm. The idea of being fulfilled with having to smile, have down-time, cop a squat by tree and, continue writing as I am sitting here @2:24pm. I feel thankful, humbled, and nurtured. We've been given what tasted (like in my eyes) yogurt from heaven , which wasn't a negative perk either! The brand, Freestart from Alphina was tasty, delightfully melting in my mouth with granola: that;'s the best part! Just the simple things. This my little love nuggets, counts the most in this sophisticated chics life. If I can't have Zara, Forever 21, H&M, Top and, a fine duplicate specimen of a tall man, give me the park, the trees, a nice swift breeze and, a chance for a walk in the park- barefoot.

Thus all the more, donating for a good cause!

"A great experience can happen at any point in time if you let it!"

"I hope you make yours happen.."