Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"My Humble Human Ode"

You see I have this entry level mode where I believe in myself and, when I see myself falling I push that "ASS" a million steps forward. 'Cause we have got to keep moving up the ladder in this life, it is the only one we have got.

You see I have fell off the ladder, down the rabbit hole 2nd quarter then, I flew right back; pushing that ass! In everything a person does, there has to be some form of meaning and substance equating from within because that is the only way. We must not only seek to survive but, live; live, be engaging, love and have a vast amount energy given to all we aspire to do and will do. Personally, for everything that I do in my life, on the stage, in front of the camera, and on the paper is above average. I know my limits but, will never give another the pleasure of succumbing unto them. I can really never be satisfied with myself because I desire more and, will not stop; the way I look at it, is I deserve the very best!

"This is a rccipe that everyone should try on for size!" -kvc-

That's the magic, I believe in God, I am not a saint, I believe in love and the poignant unruly things, and time.

"With grace is time and with time is grace." -kvc-

I'll be leaving you all with a photo (above) of a fellow castmate of mine; in time we worked it out, the entire cast and the show was memorable experience in the midst of time.

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