Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene & My Lovable Dawson Family Friends

I was never a crowd pleaser, it took a minute to revive them all as if they've had amnesia. (Kyemma Vivian Campbell)

Today, August 28, 2011, was just that for which I have no words, because this "Hurricane Irene" happened to be an epic adventure. I've traveled (August 27, 2011) all but from one island via JFK to land unto another island via Manhattan. I did just that to land in Harlem, at one of my very best friends house. Her name is Courtney and she's my friend because we both know what it is like to bust our asses for 5 years in the making, only to have people to try and shatter your dreams but keep on pumping. Thereby pumping, I meaning pushing it to the ultimate max. You see, Ol' Court Court's a model/promotional model and I am an actress/writer/personality/marketing student/promotional model in the making. This is why we're friends because we think a like, well somewhat.

These are all of the things I do which is great because I'm in the mid-20's sector of my youth and at this rate, you'd think I'd have a baby by Tom, Dick and Larry already! Really though, Tom, Dick and Larry aren't on my list of hot white/latin/multiracial and blacks that I'd love to screw with a passion. There's got to be more character, passion and substance. A girl's got to get her money's worth and when I say "money's worth" I don't mean prostituting on the corner of 42nd and 8th, or developing the latest porno!!! Gee wiskers, folks, we have Paris Hilton for that but, I commend her on willingness to look pass the negative and, moving on to bigger, more profitable assignments. By assignments, I mean reality television. Speaking of which- has anyone seen her latest show "The World According to Paris!?" It's pretty interesting shit (or as Chelsea Handler would say "shadoobie") and not to mention her hot ex-lover man Cy. Cy was a cutie but boy did he have issues. That show was good and I got a chance to watch Cy whenever I had the chance. That is, if not for my favorite shows: Chelsea Lately, Rachel Ray repeats, Oprah repeats, Sex & the City repeats, The Today Show and NY 1, because somehow I find the news to be quite informative. When I am not doing that I'm preparing a speech, plotting my next internship, the move, homework and devoting my life to being the best sexy, sensational personality I can be, followed by naming my non-existing non-birth children. Their names are Adeline Sienna, Zoe-Ann and Simon and the rest, I will not go into the majority of detail. You see, all of this means the world to me, along with one year of college left and my non-existent love life. Although, I do miss my friends with benefits relationships because sometimes Mama feels like she needs her fix. Then I watch "Breakfast at Tiffany's" coupled with "Sex & the City" and I am all right! Really, the feeling's amazing! Also, for guilty pleasures, "Pretty Woman" because I just love to sit there and drool over Richard Gere. He makes my heart melt. The feeling is amazing and I could recount this everytime I watch this film or read Chelsea Handler's books: she's hilarious.

What I find more interesting is the non-existent relations that I have with Richard Gere that ceases to exist. Eh I might as well go back to my ex-italian boyfriend but, one must never ever go backward. They must climb pride rock like the lions, because Simba did it in the "Lion King" and he turned out fine. I admire Simba for that. Screw Uncle Scar!

Anyhoot, enough of that jargon. We want to get to the center, the root of the core, the bottom of the 9th when the bases are loaded with one Jeter up; Derek Jeter. (if you don't know please do check out the Yankees and their uniform). Thank you. A little education for the mind. The root of it all is known as "Hurricane Irene." She has hit us really hard in some areas and yet I do pray for the loss of loved ones, and those who lost themselves in it all. My heart goes out to you and may you stay safe and strong. Hurricane Irene taught me a lot. First off, I can hop on the #1 train to Manhattan's Harlem section, visit my best friend and we can have a camp fire in the hallway of the apartment, with her and the rest of the family. Secondly, we can turn all the lights out, laugh about being blown away, stay away from the windows but, still be able to wake up in the morning thereby being thankful for the love of life, friends and family that we do have; whether we converse or not. Love is love and when love is around you, it's hard not to become seduced. It's like a fisherman with bait who reels the fish in, then stabs it, cleans it, cooks and eats it. I know it is shaky but it is what it is. It motivates me though. It helps you to open your eyes even after all the bullshit you want to smile, because you have people in your life who truly do care. They care so much for you that they wake you up in the morning with coffee, during the storm in the hallway, and you pop up like a drug addict awaiting your next fix for coffee! Coffee happens to be the life (my life), and thereafter you update your facebook status to let the world know this: "Good Morning America!"

That happens to be the life! It's a great life because I really value the time that I share, even if I don't spend it with my parents, I'm elated to spend it with the ones that I love. My parents are hysterical: all of them and you'd think I was adopted by martians. While I am an intellect and a pretty face, some of the things that comes out of my mouth happen to be insanely stupid. Although it's rather funny because people do laugh and so I thank the universe for my brain. I don't smoke narcotics, any illegal substances, just wine, coffee, apple cider and vodka but, mostly my coffee fix! I'm a good girl but I don't bite my tongue for anyone! I stand my ground like the lady I know how to be. That I am. Dorothy taught me this from the "The Wizard of OZ," and the red headed girl, Annie, in "Annie." It's quite amazing how life goes by and we find the ones whom are in sync yet those who are not.

Today and yesterday was just about that. From the book "Where are you vodka? It's me Chelsea," (Chelsea Handler) the chats with Courtney and her mother, Mrs. Dawson, and her little brother, Tygue, I seem to have done quite all right. I have battled my fair share. No one ever said life was going to be easy and at the end of the day, we are all we've got. Therefore whatever makes you happy just do it, it's the only way you'll ever find out. That's the motto and mission pretty people! No one is perfect yet we all have to think for ourselves; please use your own mind. Meanwhile, the wind blew pretty hard and my best friend just said to me "you're okay psycho, you're still alive," or something to that effect. What are friends for!? She's the greatest: She's butter-pecan and I am caramel brownie delight mi amor aka "the things I make up!" Ahah Hurricane Irene was informative yet epic. It was fun camping out in the dark with 4 candles maximum in an apartment: it keeps getting better so hold on! I will if you will. I'm also late for our Harry Potter viewing of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."

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"Be the change you wish to see in America," or wherever you're fun, it won't hurt.

My last words to you are be safe, wrap it up, get tested, no drunk driving, stay inside or get blown away because the hurricane Irene isn't a joke!!!