Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pygmalion & the casting call saved me: my ditz moment didn't phase me!!!

Good Day Fellow Americans and Non-Fellow Americans; whatever people call themselves nowadays! I'll be darned!!! Yuppers and a yuppity yup.

Today turned out to be quite the day for me. I had the opportunity to wake up this morning which means the Universe loves me and, so does God. However, I'm not going to get all holy on this one! I do credit my day to having had such a wonderful evening the previous night. Last night consisted of a Business Law final which was a breath of fresh air, some finance studying thereafter, followed by one of my long overdue infamous walks into Chelsea. Oh how I love Chelsea!!! That area of Manhattan just screams to me "oooooooohhhhhhh Vivian, Kyemma Vivian Campbell, do come visit me," and so it would happen that I did visit Chelsea. Upon my grand entrance into the neighborhood I had the grand opportunity of going to my favorite 24 hour doughnut spot, "The Donut Pub," which has the best coffee and doughnuts in America known to man!!!!! The very fact that it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week isn't bad and, can do a woman justice when her friend, Rose, comes to visit during that time of the month. Just having the chance to order a chocolate ring, marble glazed doughnut and, a coffee with milk, and no sugar had made my day! I believed I was on a roll followed by reading Professor Montlack's book, "My Diva." This book was quite intriguing and I adored every word in it. After my moment of let's say an hour and a half I decided it was time to head home, and so I hopped on the train via JFK and read my little heart away. When I got in, I took a lovely shower, and decided that I'd watch "Pygmalion."I love the classics and "Pygmalion" appeared to be right up my alley with Sinatra and the gang, Marilyn and Audrey too. Pygmalion is the story of a very poor girl, Eliza Doolittle, who happens to be the object of a bet between two professors. The Professors' proclaim that one of them can take the poor girl off the street and turn her into a Proper Duchess within a matter of six months time span. The film happens to be quite interesting and I immediately fell in love with Doolittle's sassyness which reminds me of me. Oh for heavens sake we might as well say that I think every film reminds me of me that I might take a liking towards. The heart wants what it wants and my heart desired "Pygmailion," and so it was given unto it. It was a wonderful experience and I was in love, the fact that I'm single in the city didn't matter to me either way, the stage is my home and last night I was Eliza Doolittle as I watched her on screen, even though I wasn't. It was poignant. But, after it was over I went back to listening to good ol' Frank Sinatra to soothe my soul at 4:00am in the morning and put my body unto a slumber.

This morning, I woke upelated but tired as ever. A little kitten I was, and wouldn't budge to get out of bed. I realized sooner or later that I'd have wake up because I had a go-see for Epic Talent Management. A go-see is a casting call in the world of modeling, such as an interview or audition would be to an actor/actress, or future employee. I decided to have my coffee black due to the fact that I'd been given no choice, because there was a failure to purchase skim milk, also along with this an accompanied eggs and toast, which was lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. It made my day! I ironed my dressed, prepped my heels and was ready for the day. It was clear that I had to make a move and so I did.

I arrived an hour early to my casting call. What I had did before that was completely ludicrous. I decided I'd wear my wedges for the first time so I squeezed newspaper in them because they were a smidget big, and as a result my toes turned "RED!" The color red. Now, I have a booboo on my middle left toe and it's all red. I want to cry but today I loaded up on extra coffee therefore I was fine. After all, I am resilient. The casting call was held in the Millenium Hotel in Times Square. I waited an hour in the casting room, chatted with my friend Court Court (via phone), and made acquaintances with associates, Gina and Billie. Gina was such a doll and much too much engaging but, Billie appeared to be a know it all. Apparently, she's going for her Law Degree and I say the more power to ya. But watch it sister, although she's not my sister so I've nothing to worry my little heart about. I figure you let people be people and, you be yourself; that's quite all right. I strive for more and it's become apparent in my life. In my past life I must of been a real diva. Beyonce says "a diva is a version of a female hustler," and I agree but wouldn't refer to myself as a hustler. I met the ladies in charge at Epic, Jenee, Lisa and Cait. I explained to Jenee that I'd rather be called by middle name and that made her turn her head. I say it's my name and I'll have it called as I please! However, Cait didn't seem to mind, and I love the spelling of her name "Cait," other then "Kate or Cate." It happens to be a classic call on her parents part and I am glad. For one, Cait interviewed me and I am glad she did do so because I wouldn't have it any other way. I was under the impression that Jenee didn't like me too much from her obvious glances and meticulous stares. It's okay because I pride myself in being me and that is all that matters. Cait and I had a darling conversation and, she said "I'd fit well in the hospitality department, modeling and marketing which is a grand compliment for me." I wouldn't want to have it either. She gave me 2 business cards so hopefully I am booked, because I would love this opportunity. I left that hotel with a smile in my heart and everything a new.

What happened after wasn't too great, because of the boo-boo in my shoe, paying attention to texting while walking, and not watching the light while following the crowd: I almost got hit by a yellow taxi. That's what you get when you follow the crowd rather than lead! So much for relaxation and after this I decided that since I almost fell in a crack in the middle of 44th and 6th avenue, in the middle of the street that I should refrain from thinking too much. Thereby forcing my eyes to pay attention to the traffic light nevermind that my 5 inches wedges were caught in a crack, and I was about to die today!!! The Universe, however, was on my side, I take it that it knew that I was going through one of my ditz moments in this lifetime!!!! Really, I love these wedges but I will never ever put newspaper in them again, or not pay attention when crossing the street. I say this now but later who knows. It's funny because I'm over-protective of everyone else around me and, when it comes to me I'm oblivious. It's whatever but I do love myself and value my soul more than the next man. This is just something that I do for myself. The wedges as of now are taking a vacation while my italian flats are nestled unto my cuddle-bugs aka "feet." I really love my cuddle-bugs and I had enough of being sexy and tall but, I am sexy and I just had to say that. Today I learned a valuable lesson, "if the shoe fits wear it and no newspaper, also look both ways before crossing the road especially in New York City (I already knew this but had to remind myself).

I suppose this is the beauty of life, learning as we go along! Pygmalion and today's casting call saved me even if I had a ditz moment, and fell in a crack in NYC! What an adventure!!!!!!!!!! I'm on my way to better days but my poor cuddle-bugs are taking a break for tonight. Haha :) Cheers Darlings.

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