Friday, October 21, 2011

Fresh Meadows Farm w/ Tygue Tyler Autori Dawson and Ms. Steel's 3rd grade class: Handsome Little Lad , Family Friend

Today started burgeoned onto to be a wonderfully miraculous day thus far. Having had the luxury of attending P.S. 36's field trip (Harlem) to Fresh Meadows Farm, along with Tygue Dawson. Tygue happens to be the lovely 8 year old brother of my best friend (the model) Courtney, and I was honored to be attending the trip with him on the family's behalf. Especially Mom, Sheri Dawson. Tygue and I had a ball.

Starting with the introduction of his class (Mrs. Steel's 3rd grade class), I was in for a vast variety of awakenings. The class consists of 25 children and out of 25 children, only 22 attending due to bad behavior of the other kids. The teachers, Mrs. Steel and Ms. Martin happen to love Tygue as he is one of the few kids who listen, observe and has a meticulous attention span when it comes to details. The others (when I say others I mean other kids) have their own cynical values and, were trotting on the teachers last nerve. The moment Tygue and I entered the class, introduced ourselves there was disruption from a little boy, Ramon, who happens to be a smart ass. He asked me if it was all right to say the word "hell" and I replied "no sweetheart and that's an adult word that you shouldn't use honey. At that point Destination sprung over my side by the reading section saying "he's a liar," and I said "okay sweetie, would you like me to help you pick out a book?" She smiled and I knew we had clicked. She's Mrs. "I don't wanna wear my jacket." Although I think the kids means well after all, kids will be kids. I acknowledged this especially when the kids were trying to figure out who I was, and if I was Tygue's mother or sister. I found this to be quite intriguing but nonetheless, I enjoyed it! I felt like I wanted more of this and the teacher's looked as though they wanted to retire, when all I really wanted to just get know these little kids and seep into their souls. "The eyes are the portal to one's soul." Use wisely. For instance: Penelope (I like her), she's a little sassy-whipper-snapper who asked "who are you!? I told her "I'm a family friend!" Thereafter everything appeared to be altogether friendly between us two, when she realized I wasn't getting in between the relationship with her and her man (Tygue). Kids!? huh.. From the start I knew she had a thing for Tygue and kids are just classic. They're the ones who brim forth laughter, giving us hope and joy. That's what I admire most of all in them- their innocence. Another example would be, Destination (this little girl is a "DIVA" in every form of the word), she tells it like it is even in the playground and was the first one to let me know during story time after the trip that Ramon tells stories all of the time! Baby-girl was definitely serious!!!! Then there was Mikeyla (imagination sensation), this little girl called the pumpkin her baby, Petunia. I realized then that too may kids are involved in a grown person's conversation. However, you can't admonish a strangers kid but when you're watching them it's imperative to advise and be assertive in the absence of their paternal/maternal figures.
There's Jajuan (the birthday boy), his mother came along and he was as happy as a bumble bee, even though he doesn't listen half the time. His mother lightly admonished him, but he's such a cutie and I told her she'd have her hands full by the time he reached Junior High. These children were hysterical. Also, Jose (behavioral problems to St. Lucia and back), now he pushed Tygue at the Zoo and I expressed to him "That we don't do that here sweetheart, Tygue's crying and you must apologize," "It's not nice and we keep our hands to ourselves." He apologized to Tygue and I which I was pleased he followed directions. This very ordeal had led me to realize why the teacher had begun her 3rd grade with a lectured forum. I suppose it was a definite must!

Now I can't very well go through the list of every kid in the classroom, but I must conclude that it was a very lovely observation to see them interact. I believe having children isn't easy, doesn't come with a manual, parents make mistake, but you can give your child all of the conditional love in the world but, if they're wild like "Monday," and choose to fight everyone- what can you do? You are your child's first teacher and let's hope that you are. Dear Universe I believe children are wonderful and besides pursuing my career I desire to conceive one day (later on in life). You are what you feel and even though the children gave Ms. Steel a blasted bloody headache I gather she LOVES those little chicken nuggets to pieces!!!!! And back...

During the trip we saw goats, turtles, picked pumpkins, watched African Dance, Spanish American Dance. The children ran around in the hay, played in the field, used porta-potties, acted as if they fully legal adults. A prime example is Ramon, when he said to Ms. Martin "Isaiah is NOT my partner, I wanna girl to be MY partner!" Ms. Martain told him no and he was like "I'm NOT his partner, NO." This kid was a mouth and a hand full. Ms. Martin was praying for 3:00 all day therefore by the end of the trip from Fresh Meadows Farm, I told her to go home and have herself a cocktail. She replied "thank you and that's the best advice I've heard all day!!!" I replied "glad to be of service!" These women were very courteous and cordial and it seemed to me they need a rest. Therefore I suggest the Universe bless them and bless them soon. They've succumbed unto a long day and a poignant weekend ahead. Words are worth living for and so are kids!

Fresh Meadows Farm was fresh and lovely as can be. It reminded of mother nature which is beautiful. The community in Queens and the farming area with the grass all green and the observations of the trees and life. Thus inspiring us and our minds that we've so much to live for and we must keep pushing on. The world is definitely our oyster. If I could choose to relive any day it'd be this day with Tygue Dawson accompanied with his class on their field trip. Tygue's a beautiful kid and I feel that I am so blessed to know him!!!! I'm glad I was chosen to attend the trip with him. I LOVE YOU TYGUE! Never change from from who you are! I have to say the world is amazing and it depends on your frame of noggins! LOVE YOU~YOU CHOOSE!

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