Friday, October 7, 2011

NO Harm in YOU

There is NO harm in saying "Goodbye." In fact as quoted from my cousin Jasmine Thomas, there in Goodbye. Therefore God is good and God is love. If there is someone or something holding anger, misery, pride or materialistic forms of matter let it go because I'm here to tell you; you don't NEED it. You are better than this and while I'm not going to get all biblicial on all spectrums of the rainbow, no one is perfect and you can't expect anyone to love you for you through the good times and the bad. Everyone can see if you look into the portal of a person's eye "the eyes are the portal to ones soul," and they NEVER EVER lie. Just like your hips and that Shakira song! If someone does something for you out of love and sheer kindness, be thankful yet mindful. However, when someone crosses the line and does stuff for you but disregards what you have done for them because of their status- this is permissable TO GIVE THEM THE FREAKING BOOTS! Two Boots for Dora The Explorer that which my darling baby sister is smitten. The thing is/the very point that I am trying to make is that no one is above anyone regardless of their status. Nothing should be held over your head reagrdless of your status. Every little that one can do for another in life counts and when you do for others while always expecting something in return- NO good will come of it.

Life is as such as a Chameleon is always shifting and changing so is life. You learn that with human beings in life, and even though you may view the world as beautiful and the harder you persevere, challenege the odds thereby brimming forth the very idea that your worth will shine through. Money can't buy happiness but it can sure resolve bills and financial matters , but never let it consume your inner. For once you are happy with the work you do the fruits of your labor will pay off, the money will then roll around like a Madoff Ponzy scheme. Thus far in a good way. It's not a good idea to compare but just being content with what you have, and the planting the roots of your seed. I happen to be a fashion fanatic in terms of writing, styling, Rachel Zoe- Forever 21-ing it across the slopes, writing about my passions, inspiring my crowd (my kinda peeps all hues and forms abound), I let it shine through in the world of the stage, marketing and hitting the floors hands down. I may not be the perfect woman but I AM the perfect me with great synergies abound I am PROUD. Staying true to you no matter what life may hand you.

The haters are gonna hate, it's a given fact but if someones LOVES YOU FOR YOU they wouldn't pity you without a doubt. They wouldn't dare cross that line if they were really trying to help because that isn't love.

#TRUST IN YOU. Stay True Beautiful Bitches.

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