Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Almost 26," featuring "K. Vivian Campbell," with special guest, "Linda Mui"

The date is February 25, 2012, which is exactly 2 days before my 26th birthday on Monday. The date is 02/27/1986……
Words cannot describe the uber joyous love I feel. I had a grand time celebrating my upcoming birthday with my good friend, Linda Mui. I have a feeling, we'll always be friends as close as they come, a year from now and forever. At least that’s what the card says and I love cards: I’m a sucker for the words because they stem from a symbolic meaning between two spirits, people, life or whatever you’ve deemed true. I loved the card and the book, which I thought was so sweet even though I already purchased the same copy a year ago. Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang is what they called it: the book written by Chelsea Handler. It was a nice gesture and I'm going to get a new one once she returns it: The Lies that Chelsea Told Me. And yes is another Chelsea Handler book. That was beside the point. Dinner at Luce's on the Upper West Side was amazing and I adored yet savored the Pinot Noir. Along, with our chats of love, life, romance and the funny shit that happens in my life. You know, I never cease to amaze myself or others (including Linda), because I happen to be the only person I know who can attract the attention span of a freaking weirdo or slum-lord, while reading Chelsea Handler or writing about the everyday shit we call life. Happily of course, besides that I do seek to inspire. But, there aren't enough sane people in New York City to do so. The world is so convoluted and I have associates who ask me ridiculous questions about relationships, three-some's and women: I'm not a doctor. I say I love men and I was made for a man. For those of you that don't know, I mean the penetration of man. Haha. We were all made for men, but the truth is that ladies should know that worth more than a cheap screw and a night through the drive-thru. I know from experience, once you show your ass, I don’t need so obtain some glad, “as in the garbage bags.” Well of course, I'm looking for substance and it's your character that counts: I have to think again, because I won't find Mr. Right, chances are that he'll find me. And I'm a classy woman or because I'm chatting with my friend at this Thai restaurant in Chelsea after our trip from the Upper West Side, all due to the hilariously ludicrous folks I've come across in my almost 26 years of life. I'm quite thankful and the women chatter keeps on coming. Linda and I converse with one another back and forth, decide on some drinks: the Lemon Dragon for her and another Pinot Noir for me. Followed by a “Mermaid Roll” appetizer with shrimp and bacon wrapped in a roll: it's called mermaid and it's tastes odd, which isn’t a good combination. Although, anything's worth a shot and we are still at it. It's been ages since Kiwi hell and all the crappy things we had to do in order to sustain the test of time with that job. It was hell, but we always had good times. Just like tonight, which was a lovely evening filled with drinks, Italian and Thai food amongst the restaurants. The thing is if I thought all along I'd find a hot white, black or Jewish guy to date or for a night-cap, I thought wrong. I may have been thinking it through however, I deserve better than the average few. Suddenly, I don't think I'd do the night-cap as I'm seeking something more valuable, not your local dollar store bum. There's got to be more to life than that, but we sure as heck know I wasn't finding a white man there. Well, not one that was available at the Thai place. It's funny because Luce's was like that, but brewing with more older refined clientele, a more than we could count. Although, I love the fact that the place was classy and well put together. Much more my style, even if the waiter abhors their job. I felt we tipped him “our waiter” well over the charm rate. I say charm rate because we weren’t given none whatsoever. And they should put a smile on because this world isn't nice. I suppose Italian isn't his thing, and he couldn't even recommend me a meal because as he says it "I don't do pasta." It's like this "you cannot do pasta, you ass-wipe, you must eat pasta." I hope he understood this (even if I was pondering the very thought) because he was still angry when we left. Linda and I remained hospitable. He hates his job and the proof is in the pudding…. The grand point I'm trying to make is don't worry, be happy because life's too short. I had a wonderful time with my good friend today, my birthday is Monday, February 27th and I'll do it all over again with another friend, while going to see a play. The name of the play is “Million Dollar Quartet.” It's fun to catch up with good friends and loved ones: especially the smart ones. It's best to stay on the same page. Live, love, laugh and be true to you. That's what counts: the simple things. I’ve enjoyed while catching up and I only wish I could catch up with a decadent piece of testosterone, but the time with come for that. I'm about that: but now I'm about me. I come first and my circle... I think the dinner was good and can't wait to go see "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying." ™ We'll have a blast at the show. The thing is, I hope the ushers don't have a fork up their ass like our waiter. We had fun and I'll do just that, known as Linda's indirect suggestion: compile this and every other experience into one book. It'll really stir the waters. Anything's possible and the birthday countdown begins… The ending of 25 is the beginning of something new...if you can act, you can write it. ©February 25, 2012.

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