Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to Embed Tweets, Screenshots within a Story


*In order to embed tweets, log into twitter, look for the tweet that suits your interest for the story line.

*Click Expand, click more and once you click more you will see links prompting you to email or embed tweet. You want to click embed tweet

*A box will pop open where you will click Alt + Ctrl together

*After you click it you can either cut or copy the link in order to paste it into your document


(Image: Heavy.com)

1) Select Image or site you wish to have a screenshot of
2) Click Ctrl, Alt and the Print Screen Button on the Mac or PC
3) Then access and open Adobe Photoshop and open a new page
4) The page should be blank. Now this is where you click Ctrl,V
5) The Image Should Appear
6) Press Ctrl, Alt and + or - symbols to increase or decrease
7) Edit the photo to a moderate size 640 by 360 and save the file as a JPEG and it not, PNG
8) Then open up your word press or blogspot site and insert the media image

Image: VivianCampbellKVC

There's also a new program called FIRESHOT, where the system edits and captures portions of the image you want you crop for you.
In the program you can save the whole portion or half as a PDF or JPEG file and edit as you wish.
See Below! Image: Heavy.com

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